Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Josh T. Pearson

Having played a show in London, myself and my banjo were boarding the plane to fly back to Berlin, where I was living at the time. I hear this Texas drawl behind me ask "if I know how to use that thing?" - meaning my banjo - he was wearing a beard as long as Florida and we struck a friendship then and there. Turned out he was living in Berlin as well and playing in London as well. Well, he's got a record coming out this month on Mute that I cannot wait to hear. Enjoy the video.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Until the World Runs Outta Dirt Video

Don Chambers at the Georgia Theater after the fire. from Jason Thrasher on Vimeo.

We shot this video a month or so after the fire at the Theatre, still smelled like the seventh level of hell in there, but sounded great. Strange combination of sadness at something going away and fascination at the destruction.

Song of the Day

The Georgia Theatre Benefit

GOAT is playing the Georgia Theatre benefit tonight at the 40 Watt. We haven't been playing that many shows out and the energy level of the band is like a pent up wild boar - ready to go! We have a new record in the can that we will be playing a good amount of, plus some older material retooled for the attack we are currently making. Earplugs advised.