Monday, August 8, 2011

Dear Friends, we are really excited to be playing the Georgia Theatre tomorrow. I've been printing t-shirts, making booklets, and learning the ways of bandcamp - the place we will be selling our new recordings. This is all a big learning curve and I am sure to make some goofs, but so far so good and I hope you like the new record. We plan to do a pre-sale for a vinyl version sometime this fall. Meanwhile, we have fresh t-shirts, limited edition posters (made especially for the theatre show), lyric books all available with a download code for "Punch Drunk" . Come out to the fabulous new Theatre (Will and Co. did a great job) and enjoy the rock show. We go on promptly at 9pm.
cheers - don

p.s. you can find the download site at ( starting August 9, 2011!